Marina Change 2018

  • currency exchange
  • money
  • travel
  • tourism
  • logo
  • print
  • typography
  • identity
  • graphical charter
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  • buziness card
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  • oneway
  • car dressing

The currency exchange company "Marina Change", who previously requested my services, renewed their trust by asking me for business card and flyer realization. I was also commissioned to provide a branding solution for the company’s advertising campaign, which took the form of a full vehicle wrap , a Toyota CHR Hybrid. For this car, I stayed in their already homogeneous company’s iconography by putting the investor at the driver’s place door. In addition to this, when I went to the interview, I noticed one of their customers put the flyer in his passport, and the flyer was overflowing the passport. Immediately, I suggested the new flyers will be at the exact standard size of the passport to be wedged on it. The proposition was accepted with enthusiasm!

flyer recto
Passport biometric-pass

Idriss al Idrissi

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